Revolax is the latest Hyaluronic Acid (HA) dermal filler to be sweeping the market, Heres why its so great:

High Purity Hyaluronic Acid

REVOLAX™ uses non-animal based hyaluronic acid with high purity and is a completely natural substance optimized to synchronise with human skin tissue.

Unique Cross-linked HA Technology

REVOLAX™ has a unique cross linking technology that does not need free hyaluronic acid to adjust the physical property of its gel formula.

High Visco-elasticity

Is one of REVOLAX™ stand-out properties. This malleable consistency creates immediate and long lasting volume and also allows the product to break down evenly with a natural finish.

Highly consistent Mono-phasic Structure

REVOLAX™’s is comprised of a regular and dense monophasic structure, which makes the gel product stable and consistent. The consistency of the pattern allows for naturally harmonized volume, smooth injection and promotes a stronger support system within the skins structure.

Low Phase Angle %

REVOLAX™ has a low percentage of product migration, meaning that once injected the product is more likely to stay close to the injection site with accuracy.

Dermal Filler price list 2020

0.5 ml Lip £155.00

1.1 ml Lip £185.00

Nasolabial Folds £195 (up to 1.1ml)

Marionette Lines £195 (up to 1.1ml)

Smokers Lines £195 (up to 1.1 ml)

Jaw Filler from £270.00

Cheek Filler from £240.00


Tear Trough Correction £250.00

(including top if required) 


Liquid Rhinoplasty £260.00

(including top up if required)

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