State of the art Sun shower at Reductions!

The New Twist Has Added Benefits

  • Superb performing tanning lamp

  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Production of vitamin D

  • Blue light for cleansing and blemish free skin

  • Treats sun damaged skin

  • Increased blood flow and circulation

  • Reduces and can eliminate stretch marks

  • Firms, tones and restores moisture within the skin

Now you can look after your skin whilst tanning naturally!

Individual minutes

3 minutes £3

6 minutes £6

9 minutes  £9

12 minutes £12


36 minutes £20

72 minutes £57.60

108 minutes  £81

144 minutes £100.80

Usage guide

Please note a minimum age of 18 does apply.

A consultation form will be sent to you via email and must be filled out and must be signed before using the sun shower.

  • you must allow at least 24 hours before using the sun shower again

  • you must allow 24 hours before and after for waxing services.

  • please use protective eye wear available

  • please be vigilant with the amount of minutes for your skin type.

All therapists and stylists at the  Reductions Hub are Self employed and run their business within the hub therefore please contact the individual therapist/stylist you with to contact by visiting their page in the menu.

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