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Hi! I'm Claire, 

Living in a mad House full of teenagers, dogs and let's not forget my husband.

I wouldn't change it, love every minute of it, 


What I would like to change is how we feel about ourselves, I've spent the last 10yrs

studying, learning, listening and acting on what my clients want and need.

It really saddens me at times hearing and seeing how we view ourselves, and if I

can help I will.

My view in what I do is the help tweak the pure raw, natural beauty/handsome person

you are.

Be it by laser hair removal, fat loss, dermal fillers, vitamin boost or just a giggle and coffee, and if

you wee when you giggle I can help with that too......

I'm loud, caring and bluntly honest. I'm not pink and fluffy (nothing wrong with this  just not me) yes I doubt myself at times and when I do, I look around me and see what I have achieved, and the clients I've helped over the years reminds me 'yes I'm good at what I do!'.


I'm just real, I do this job for love and care of clients (as well as dog food.)


If I can't help you then I will do my best to recommend the right practitioner. 


Come meet me...

Claire x

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Claire Weston

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