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Lipo Freeze
Lipo freeze or also known as fat freezing is an advanced non surgical lipo treatment. Perfect for those who are troubled by stubborn fat pockets that just wont budge no matter how hard you diet or exercise!
360 lipo fat freezing can help you with that!
Fat cells cant stand freezing cold temperatures so when exposed they collapse under the pressure of the extreme temperature, This is done by freezing the fat pockets to minus 5 degrees for approx 45 mins so the cells dimish.
Of course this should be used as a tool and to get the ultimate benefits you should follow a healthy diet and exercise routine along with consuming plenty of water to flush those dead fat cells out of your system then should start to see the full results within 2-8 weeks.
You can have a one off treatment or you may need more than one treatment it all really depends on the area to be treated, Its best to book a consultation so i can see the area and discuss suitability.

Benefits of lipo 360 fat freezing:
  • No downtime
  • Non invasive
  • Pain FREE
  • Can treat many areas
  • Cost effective!
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