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Lemon bottle fat dissolving injections

Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving Injections are the fastest and strongest fat dissolver in the industry. Being the most in demand treatment it is completely safe and shows results from just 24 hours!


Unlike other fat dissolvers, Lemon Bottle is not painful.

There is no downtime and most importantly no swelling afterwards.


The science behind the fat dissolving injections

The solution ‘lemon bottle’ is injected into the fatty deposit area. The solution then breaks down the stubborn fat wall, breaking each cell down turning the fat into fatty acid. Which is then emptied through your bladder each time you wee. Water intake must be 2 litres a day after treatment to help flush the fatty acid out quicker for optimum results.


Pre treatment

Any abdominal areas require you to fast for 6 hours prior and 6 hours after so bear that in mind when booking your appointment, (this includes milk in coffee.)

This is so you get the most out of the session and your fat cells start to break down quickly and more effectively.

Arm/chin areas do not require any fasting.

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