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What is hifu?
HIFU Vaginal rejuvenation is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment designed to restore and repair vaginal tissue without the use of anaesthetic or numbing creams.

What it can help with?
  • Improved muscle strength, tone, and elasticity of vaginal muscles
  • Increased sensation during intercourse
  • Improved control over urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal Dryness

How Does It Work?
Using ultrasonic waves as the energy source and taking advantage of its penetration and focality, the system will send out ultrasonic energy focusing in the lamina propria and muscle fibre layer in a predetermined depth. A higher intensity of ultrasonic region, called focus region, is formed. In 0.1 second, the temperature of the region can reach to above 65 ℃ , so the collagen is reorganized and the normal tissue outside the focal region is undamaged. Therefore, the desired depth layer can obtain the ideal effect of collagen contraction, reorganization and regeneration.
Ultimately, the effect of vagina tightening is achieved.

Preparing for Your Procedure
The procedure is approximately 20 minutes, but clients can expect to spend 30 -45 minutes in the clinic for the entire process. This non-invasive procedure requires no anaesthetic or numbing creams and is completely painless. Clients are advised to plan to have the procedure when they are not on their menstrual cycle and to avoid intercourse for at least 24 hours after the treatment.

Because every woman’s physique is different, at consultation we will discuss the optimal number of treatments to suit your requirements and goals. It is typically 1 or 2. 

Following the treatment
A primary advantage of Vaginal Tightening is that no downtime is required following the treatment. You can return to your daily routine immediately, and you can resume sexual activity after 4 days, however ideally 7 days. It is recommended that you wait 24 hours before resuming exercise.

With this treatment you may be able to avoid the risks and expense of vaginal tightening surgery.
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Price list

HIFU face lift £299

HIFU vaginal tightening £350

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