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Laser Hair Removal
Diode laser hair removal is THE most effective method of hair removal available as it permanently reduces hair growth by up to 90%. 
Suitable for both men, women and all skin types it works by the laser producing brief pulses of light and heat energy which is then absorbed by the melanin in the hair which then targets each hairs deep root to damage and destroy each hair follicle, preventing regrowth. (this does not work on vellus/fluffy hair) 
However each hair does not sit in the same stage of the growth cycle which is why we recommend 6-8 sessions* at 4-6 weeks apart as this guarantees we catch each growth cycle for each hair follicle meaning longer lasting permanent results.
With most of the body being able to be treated its a popular choice for long lasting permanent hair removal without irritation, ingrown hairs or even the need to constantly remove the hair like other methods. Which also means more cost effective and time effective! BONUS!

Why should you consider laser hair removal with our diode laser?
  • Painless hair removal !
  • Fast and effective method of hair removal
  • Can treat all skin types 
  • No more ingrown hairs or sensitive, irritated skin
  • Saves TIME and MONEY
  • Smoother skin and no more shadowing

**Each person is different and each skin and hair folicle is different therefore 6-8 sessions is a guide, some people may require more sessions to achieve a full hair removal.
A patch test is required prior to treatment starting, this can be booked by booking a consultation
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